Alabama Mobile Storage
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10 ft Container
Useful when the product(s) being stored is not large in quantity. This unit if useful when your space for the container is limited. Very good for residential storage during remodels, construction, storm damage repair. 

Containers with roll-up door
Easy opening. Useful when the security of a cargo-door is not needed
20 ft unit

20 ft Container
This unit is popular with a variety customers such as contractors, schools, hunting lodges, convenience stores. The footprint is the same size as a parking space

40 ft Container
This unit is appropriate when more storage space is needed. This unit has approximately 320 sq ft of storage space. With more space available, it is easy to be more organized and have easy access to inventory.

20 ft or 40 ft Container with doors on each end
These units are useful when accessibility to contents is important. You have the option to enter the container from each end.

40 ft High Cube Container
High cube containers are 1 ft taller than the standard height containers. They are 9' 6" tall on the exterior. High cube units are useful when you have taller-than-usual items to store (e.g. farm tractors, machinery, etc.) or want to modify for working/living in. The extra foot makes it seem so much larger.
40 ft. Office-Storage Combination
This unit has 16 ft of office space and 24 ft of storage space. There is an interior wall separating the two spaces, with a man door offering interior access to storage in addition to the exterior double doors on the end. The office space is insulated and is equipped with window A/C-heater unit. There is lighting in both the office and storage area. We can also provide a desk and chair. There is also a 20 ft office-only available.